Gianni Pettena, Nature vs Architecture, 2012
(Vienna and surroundings)

Abandoned Drive-In theater
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Roof Gardens in Rome

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From Microcosm
Christopher Domakis

A climbing plant peels off a brick building, in an effect reminiscent of a snake shedding a layer of skin

Water from the Dez River in Iran is used for irrigating once-parched land, January 1968.Photograph by Frank and Helen Schreider, National Geographic
Visually isolated birds’ flight paths.

Vines Completely Engulf Abandoned Car in China
The Greenhouses of Almeria - until you read the article you’ll only be amazed by the photographs.


Wave Garden by Yusuke Obuchi

As an alternative to nuclear power and other conventional energy sources, the Wave Garden is an electric power plant that derives energy from the movement of ocean waves. Its piezo-electro membrane is a flexible electric generator, where bending the material or applying stress creates an electric charge. Conversely, applying electric current to the membranes causes it to deform. Monday through Friday, it generates energy, but at the weekends, the Wave Garden changes into a public garden - thus changing from a space of production to one of recreation and consumption. During the weekends, selected areas lift above the surface of the ocean, acting as a ceiling under which boats approach the entrances.

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Football field, São Paolo, Brazil


Rhone Glacier Covered in Blankets to Slow Melting via Amusing Planet

The Rhone Glacier in the Swiss Alps is one of the oldest know glaciers in the Alps, and an important one ‘cause it gives rise to the Rhone River – a major river of Europe –, and is also one of the primary contributors to Lake Geneva. Because of climate change and rising global temperatures, the glacier has retreated dramatically over the last 120 years, shrinking by more than 1300 meters and leaving back a track of naked stone.

Every summer, environmentalists in Switzerland take up the task of covering the Rhone Glacier with miles of white blankets to try and minimize the melting. The innovative method of protecting the ice draws hordes of visitors who come to witness the ancient ice from an entirely unique perspective.

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Rinko Kawauchi - From the Illuminance series. Via.